7 Reasons You Should Improve Your English Language Skills

English undoubtedly is the lingua franca of the world and we use English all over the internet & social media. Apart from that English is required for education, learning and development. Here are 10 reasons you should consider improving your English language skills:

  1. For Higher Education
    In most of the top universities, colleges and schools, English is the medium of instruction and examination. Which makes proficiency in English a pre-requisite to do well in studies.
  2. For Jobs Abroad
    Many of us want to move to the western part of the world for better jobs and higher pay. In order to get a decent job and survive we certainly need English language.
  3. To Know the World Better
    Many of the world’s top movies, books and music are published and produced in English. Hence by getting better at English you will have access to a great deal of entertainment, knowledge and information and will be able to achieve a greater cultural understanding.
  4. To Get Your First Job
    If you are a fresh graduate looking for your fist job, Excellent English communication skills is your key to set yorself apart from the crowd. Impressive communication skills can lend you your first job.
  5. To Grow in Your Career
    If you are a working professional who wants to move to the next level in your career or wants to get a leadership role, your ability to communicate effectively in English is the key determiner in your career growth. Professionals with excellent comunication and interpersonal skills get preference over those with mere technical expertise.
  6. To Socialise Confidently
    English in today’s world has become a social language everywhere. For example when you attend an office party or a family function or a parent-teacher meeting at your child’s school, you are required to speak in English. Therefore in order to socialise confidently and with ease one needs to possess decent English speaking skills.
  7. To Travel
    All of us want to liberate ourselves from our day to day work lives and want to travel abroad. English is the only language which is spoken most widely across all continents. So with decent English language skills you will be able to manage in any part of the world.

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