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Courses We Offer

Spoken English Classes for

Working Professionals

English Caffe's exceptional Spoken English Courses are tailored for Working Professionals in Noida & Greater Noida. Designed to empower individuals to communicate fluently and confidently during meetings, presentations, and job interviews, our courses are a gateway to unlocking your career potential. With a strong emphasis on practical application, our courses offer a dynamic blend of language proficiency and workplace-specific scenarios. Mastering the art of English communication not only enhances your professional image but also opens doors to promotions and growth within your organization. Enrich your vocabulary, polish your pronunciation, and gain the self-assurance needed to navigate the intricacies of corporate interactions. Join English Caffe and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a proficient and poised communicator. Your success story begins with effective English communication!


Fresh Graduates

Embarking on your professional journey as a fresh graduate can be both exciting and challenging. English Caffe is here to equip you with the vital skills to ace job interviews and secure your dream job. Our tailored Spoken English Classes in Noida and Greater Noida provide a comprehensive toolkit for effective communication, boosting your confidence and interview prowess. Navigate interviews with finesse, showcase your expertise, articulate your thoughts effortlessly, and leave a lasting impression on potential employers. Our experienced instructors understand the nuances of interview communication and guide you through mock interviews, personalized feedback, and industry insights, ensuring you're prepared for any question that comes your way. Join English Caffe's program to enhance your English fluency, conquer interview jitters, stand out in the competitive job market, and embark on a successful career journey. Your ideal job awaits – unlock the doors to success with English Caffe today!


University Students

For university students aiming to excel academically and secure their future career, English Caffe presents tailored Spoken English Classes in Noida & Greater Noida. Our comprehensive program equips you with the language skills necessary for effective communication in your studies and beyond. From engaging classroom discussions to mastering the art of job interviews, our expert instructors provide personalized guidance. Enhance your vocabulary, articulate thoughts with clarity, and boost your confidence, not only enriching your academic experience but also preparing you for the competitive job market. With English Caffe's holistic approach, you'll not only thrive in your academic pursuits but also set a strong foundation for success in your professional journey. Join us today and embark on a transformative learning journey that not only hones your language skills but also empowers you to confidently navigate academic challenges and future career opportunities. Your journey towards excellence starts here at English Caffe!

Our Trainees Come From:

What Our Students Say

Why us

I am student of English Cafe. English Cafe is a good platform to learn English. here, environment is very good. My trainee is Nidhi ma'm Her behavior is very good , she is very experienced and She is also a good motivator. She knows how to increase someone's confidence level very well. Thanks to English Caffe and Nidhi ma'm. Komal Singh

Before joining English caffe i had lot of confusion in my mind i will be speak well or not whether this English caffe formula will be work it for me or not.Once i joined in English caffe day by day i got confidence and within few days. Humayun Biswas

I joined English Caffe few days back and after attending classes,my confidence raised up. Sunil Sah




Pre-basic English




Basic English








Advanced English


Admission Process


1. Meet us for a FREE Level Test

Visit us Today at Alpha 1 Commercial Belt and take a FREE level test to determine your current proficiency in English

2. Know Your  Course

We connect you with a counsellor and 

you can discuss all your queries and doubts 

before you join a course.


3. Join & Start Making Progress

Once you have learnt about the course and liked it. You can complete the joining formalities and start improving your skills.

Our Students

Senior Level Professionals

Senior-level Professionals

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Mid-level Professionals

Entry Level Professionals

Entry-level Professionals

Job Seekers

Job Seekers

Fresh Graduates

Fresh Graduates


University Students

Business person

Self-employed & Business Persons

Home Makers

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Individuals Trained


Hours of Training Delivered


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Why Join English Caffe

Communication-based Classes

80% of your class time is dedicated to different speaking activities. 

Small Batches

Small Batches

Maximum 8-10 students in a batch to make the classes highly result-oriented.

Individual Attention & Feedback​

Small batches also help us focus on each student in the class.

100+ Hours of Practice

1.5 hours of practice Monday to Friday and 4 hours of practice on Saturday & Sunday.

FREE Need-based Course Extension​

100% improvement assurance.

100% Placement Assistance​

We help you connect with relevant recruiters to help you get your ideal job.

Flexible Timings

Flexible Timings​

Batches available between 7 am- 9 pm. Choose a timing that suits your schedule.

Weekday & Weekend Batches​

Don’t have time on weekdays due to job? We have weekend classes as well.

FREE Life-time Practice​

You need continued practice after you complete your course so we have FREE weekend practice sessions for you.

Your Classes Include:

A Lot of Speaking Activities

Group Discussions & Debates


Vocabulary Building

Grammar in Use


Public Speaking

Soft Skills

Interview Skills

Personality Development

As a Result You:

Develop Fluency in English

Become a Confident Speaker

Neutralize Your Pronunciation

Improve Your Communication Skills

Speak Correct English

Develop a Confident & Positive Personality

Deliver Effective Speeches & Presentations

Attend Meetings More Confidently

Learn Effective Interview Skills

Develop Interpersonal Skills


Training programs at English Caffe are developed and designed keeping in mind the diverse needs of learners. We constantly seek feedback and suggestions from our trainees to make English Caffe a better place for them to learn. That is why they love us.


Our vision is to help 10 million individuals speak English fluently & confidently by 2027


Our mission is to make quality training programs effective, engaging and fun while making them affordable.

Elevate Your English, Elevate Your Career

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