Spoken English Course Levels

At English Caffe we offer courses based on a learner’s individual needs and our trainers conduct a detailed verbal and written assessment of a candidate before determining the suitable course for a learner. 

Level 1: Pre-basic English

Pre-basic English is the Foundation course in Spoken English for absolute beginners. Here we start from scratch and build the foundation for effective English communication. This course is suitable for learners who had little or no exposure to English in past and want to Improve their English communication skills now. ​

 The key focus areas of pre-Basic English course are:

  • building a strong fundamental vocabulary with 3000+ most used English words
  • Everyday fundamental English Vocabulary
  • English Conversation Skills
  • Etiquette & Manners
  • Fundamental Sentence Structures in English
  • Basic Spoken English Grammar
  • Verb Tenses

Level 2: Basic English


Basic English is the Spoken English course for learners who can read and understand some English but can hardly speak anything in English. The goal of this course is to help our learners strengthen their English basics and develop confidence for speaking in English. 

The key focus areas of Basic English course are

  • Strengthening basic grammar concepts to develop confidence. 
  • Various speaking activities to practice the use of verb tenses, prepositions, conjunctions etc.  
  • Improving conversational skills through role plays.
  • Audio-video activities to improve listening skills.
  • Speaking games and situations to develop fluency.
  • Assignments to mix English in the students’ daily lives.

Level 3: Intermediate English

Intermediate English is the Spoken English Course for learners who can understand English quiet well but find it difficult to speak. With such learners we focus on building confidence, improving pronunciation and sentence structures, developing fluency and accuracy. Most of these learners have done their schooling with Hindi as a medium of learning but later in Graduation and/or Post Graduation, English became their language of study.  Many such learners also have their peculiar regional accent.

  • Improving sentence structures.
  • Developing fluency and accuracy.
  • Constantly upgrading the vocabulary.
  • Use of idioms and phrases while speaking in English
  • Neutralizing any regional accent
  • Getting familiar with American and British English Accents & developing ability to understand them.

Level 4: Advanced English

Advanced English is the Spoken English course for advanced learners to Master the Art of Communication. The course is best suited for learners who can understand and speak English and have decent vocabulary, however, have difficulty switching tenses, using right prepositions and conjunctions while speaking. The aim of advanced English course is to correct sentence structures and grammatical errors and help such learners improve their communication and interpersonal skills. 
 The key focus areas of the advanced English course are

  • ​Pre-assessment of Language
  • Remedial Sessions for Reminders and Corrections(to Improve Social Image)
  • Register-Oriented Vocabulary
  • Language(Scenario-Based)
  • Formal Expressions
  • Modals(Appropriate and Formal Usage)
  • Vocabulary(Steps to Enhancement)
  • Ad Lib Speeches(Steps to Deliver)
  • Listening Skills(British, Australian and American Accents)
  • Writing Skills(E-mail Writing, Business Letters, Essays, etc,)
  • Introduction to Soft Skills(Working On Personality Attributes and       Attitues)
  • How to Use Apposite Body Language(Games/Dumb Charade/Activities) 
  • Games and Activities
  • Group Discussions and Debate
  • Presentations(Steps,Interaction with the Audience,Feedback)