The Role of Conversational Practice in Online Spoken English Classes

The Role of Conversational Practice in Online Spoken English Classes

The English language is a global lingua franca and proficiency in spoken English is essential for professional and personal growth. With the rise of online education, learners have access to a variety of spoken English classes that offer different teaching methods and approaches. One of the key components of any spoken English class is conversational practice. In this article, we will explore the role of conversational practice in online spoken English classes and how it helps learners improve their communication skills.

What is Conversational Practice?

Conversational practice is an approach to language learning that emphasizes the development of speaking skills through meaningful interactions with other speakers of the language. Conversational practice can take many forms, including one-on-one discussions with a teacher or partner, group discussions, debates, role-plays, and simulated conversations. The goal of conversational practice is to help learners develop fluency, accuracy, and confidence in using the language in real-life situations.

Why is Conversational Practice Important in Online Spoken English Classes?

Online spoken English classes provide learners with an opportunity to interact with native and non-native speakers of English from different parts of the world. Conversational practice is an essential component of online spoken English classes for several reasons:

Develops Fluency

Conversational practice helps learners develop fluency in spoken English by providing them with opportunities to practice using the language in a natural and meaningful way. Through regular practice, learners can improve their ability to produce grammatically correct sentences and use vocabulary appropriately.

Improves Pronunciation

Conversational practice also helps learners improve their pronunciation by exposing them to different accents and intonations. It provides learners with a chance to practice speaking in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

Builds Confidence

Many learners lack confidence when it comes to speaking in English. Conversational practice in online Spoken English Classes helps learners build confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in the language. As learners engage in conversations and receive feedback, they become more comfortable and confident in their spoken English abilities.

Encourages Active Listening

Conversational practice not only helps learners develop their speaking skills but also encourages active listening. Learners must listen carefully to what others are saying in order to respond appropriately, which helps them improve their comprehension skills.

Provides Opportunities for Feedback

In a conversational practice setting, learners receive immediate feedback from their teacher or peers. This feedback helps them identify areas of strength and weakness and provides them with specific strategies for improvement.


Conversational practice is a vital component of online spoken English classes. It provides learners with opportunities to practice using the language in a natural and meaningful way, develop fluency and accuracy, and build confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in English. Trainers use a variety of strategies to incorporate conversational practice into their classes, such as small group discussions, role-plays and simulations, debates and discussions, one-on-one conversations, and multimedia resources. By integrating conversational practice into their classes, trainers help learners achieve their language learning goals and improve their communication skills.


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