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How to Make the Most of an Online English Speaking Course?

How to Make the Most of an Online English Speaking Course

Enrolling for an online English course is an easy decision but making the most of it is not something everybody knows and hence many individuals end up not utilising it to the fullest and sometimes not even completing the same as we are not traditionally conditioned to study through online courses.

Since Covid-19 has made the world shift to online and has forced us to take steps towards online learning. At English Caffe we started offering online English speaking classes in 2020 so we have thoroughly analysed the issues faced by the students and have made this 10 points checklist that will help you make the best use of an online course:

1. Get ready and take your course as seriously as you would take an offline course:

Since the online course is taken from the comfort of your home without any physical instructor, you sometimes miss the seriousness of the course and end up taking it for granted and hence not utilising it to the fullest.

2. Sit in a chair not on your bed:

As they say, a student should first compromise comfort. Reading or taking up your course on you comfortable bed will make you lazy and less attentive towards the course

3. Find a quiet place:

Creating an atmosphere where you can go dig deep into studies is extremely important and it is one of the key reasons why the students tend to underutilise an online course. It’s your responsibility to find a peaceful place to attend the course where there are no distractions so that you can completely focus on your class.

4. Don't check other notifications on your device or open other windows:

 Internet is both a boon and curse. It has bombarded us with a lot of information and shortened our attention span.

5. Use headphones:

Headphones give the best listening experience and as a result you understand the course better.

6. Keep your video ON in a live class:

Keeping your video on will keep you 100% alert and attentive during the class as you will be under the feeling of being watched.

7. Take notes even during recorded sessions:

Not taking notes is the biggest and most common mistake students make. Even if the sessions are recorded you should always take notes because it will help you revise your course in a glance and save time of strolling around piles of recorded videos.

8. Keep a schedule for your learning:

Prepare your study schedule and plan how you will study the course on your own.

9. Be regular and always show up!

Prepare your study schedule and plan how you will study the course on your own.

10. Challenge yourself to do the assignments the course offers

 Learners sometimes tend to be lazy and ignore exercises, assignments etc. but remember, no pain no gain.

On one hand online learning is revolutionary as it makes knowledge accessible to everyone, on the other hand if you are not self-disciplined you might just waste your efforts and hard earned money buying course you will never attend. But with the help of the above suggestions, you can really get benefitted from an online course.

Did you find these tips helpful? Do let us know in the comments.