7 Tips to Learn English Naturally

7 Tips to Learn English Naturally

Have you ever thought how we learnt to speak our mother tongue? No? Were we taught grammar and sentence structures before we started speaking? I’m sure the answer is: No. Still many of us think that to speak English correctly and fluently we first need to learn grammar. It’s true that we need grammar to deepen our understanding of a language, whereas to begin speaking, the first thing we need is: Practice. That means we need to listen, speak, read and write the language more and more. In this article I would like to share 7 Tips on how we can learn English naturally. Here they are:

  1. Watch TV– TV can be a great source of learning, however you have to promise yourself that you wont watch anything Hindi until you are fluent in English. Watch movies, daily soaps, chat shows, news programs, debates, travel programs, history programs, sports programs, and anything of your interest. Learning a language doesn’t have to be boring; You can make it fun for you.
  2. Watch Videos on YouTube– Now-a-days, with the availability of free or unlimited fast speed internet, the world is just a click away. On YouTube, you can watch stories, short films, cartoons, biographies, autobiographies, discussions, interviews, speeches and a whole lot of other content in English. Basically, you can watch whatever you like; Just make sure to watch it in English.
  3. Read– Reading is a natural way of acquiring new vocabulary, learning new sentence structures and learning different ways of communicating a message. You can read newspapers, magazines, novels, biographies, autobiographies, story-books, self-help books, comic-books or any other genre of literature you want.
  4. Read Aloud– For a fixed time everyday, you can read aloud. This will help you train your speech organs to speak English and help you become familiar and comfortable while pronouncing English words.
  5. Speak in Front of a Mirror– Many learners say that they can’t find a partner to speak and that’s natural as most of us either speak Hindi or our mother-tongue to communicate. If that’s the case with you, find a mirror :-). That’s true! Give yourself a topic/situation and speak in front of a mirror. This activity can be very helpful for you to develop confidence, improve body language and develop fluency.
  6. Write Your Thoughts– Another thing you can do on a day-to-day basis is: write your everyday experiences in English. When you do that you will think in English, you’ll need new words and you’ll form sentences in English. You can review what yo write, correct your mistakes and make a note not to repeat them.
  7. Keep a Dictionary Handy– Yes, when you watch TV or watch a video on Youtube or read a book or want to write down your thoughts; you need WORDS, so a dictionary will be required. These days everyone has a dictionary in their phones; download one if you have not done that already or buy a paper dictionary.

There are so many other things that you can do to improve your English speaking skills, however even if you just start with the above activities and do them persistently, you will go a long way in developing fluency in English.

Remember that the key to learning English naturally is to make it a part of your everyday life. By immersing yourself in the language and practicing as much as possible, you will gradually become more comfortable and confident in your ability to speak English.

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