Learning at English Caffe

Learning at English Caffe: best place to enhance your skills

At English Caffe we believe in making effective language learning simple and engaging so our classes are filled with various team exercises, fun activities and group games. There some theory too but that’s just about 30% of the whole time 🙂

The environment at English Caffe is cool and friendly. Our trainers are not just English teachers but professionals with extensive experience in industries such as business process outsourcing, recruitment, e-commerce and publishing. Our team collectively has over 25 years of work experience.

Here are some reasons to choose English Caffe​:

Highly Knowledgeable & Passionate Trainers

​Trainers at English Caffe love doing what they do. They are committed to helping their students learn and grow & they go extra mile to make sure that each student achieves the desired output. They are professional, friendly and encouraging always.​

Communication-based Learning

​At English Caffe we believe that if you have to learn to communicate effectively, you need to communicate. With that in mind classes at English Caffe are practice-based and full of real-life speaking situations.

Small Batches

​We are committed to the improvement of each individual so the classes are conducted in small batches. Usually there are 12-15 students in a batch.

​Individual Attention

​A the batch sizes are small, trainers focus on each individual. They share feedback individually with the trainees everyday which helps them identify their areas of improvement so that they can work on it.

​Flexible Timings

Over 80% students at English Caffe are professional, so we offer flexible timings. The training programs are conducted between 7 AM-9 PM round the year.

​Audio-visual Learning

​We utilize technology in our classrooms. Trainees are shown short films, stories, documentaries, interviews, speeches etc. to immerse them in the language, to help them improve their listening skills and to introduce various elements of the language.

Improvement Assurance

​A batch size at English Caffe never exceeds 15 so our trainers are able to give individual attention, guidance and feedback to each trainee which ensures your improvement day after day and within a span of two to two and a half months you see significant improvement in your English speaking skills, communication, confidence level & overall personality.

English Speaking Online Group Classes

Free Course Extension Policy

​Our training programs are transformation-centered which means our job is not done until you have achieved your goals. Keeping that in mind we extend your your course duration for upto 80 hours for free if the goals are not met when the course completes. All we require from you is a minimum 80% attendance in the class.

Weekend Workshops for Career Skills

At English Caffe we not just help you speak English confidently, we also help you develop career skills. Every weekend we conduct workshops for our students to help them develop skills for success in career and life. The workshops are conducted on various skills including job interview skills, presentation skills, personality development, body language, writing skills & punctuation, soft skills, anger management, confidence building etc. The workshops are absolutely free for all English Caffe students and are free for lifetime.

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