Frequently Asked Questions about English Caffe

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What is your training methodology?

We believe that to become fluent in English or any language for that matter, you need to use the language a lot. In other words, the more you communicate in English the better you get. Keeping that in mind more than 70% of your class time is invested in various speaking activities and each time you speak in the class, your trainer pays attention, listens to you carefully and shares feedback with you at the end. Apart from that we discuss grammar in use & vocabulary everyday. Moreover listening and reading activities are an integral part of your spoken English classes at English Caffe. You trainer also pays close attention to your pronunciation and helps you neutralise your basic English sounds and improve your pronunciation. This way we are able to help you improve all aspects of communication including grammar, fluency, accuracy & confidence building. Your improvement is assessed regularly through written tests.

Can I change my class timings later?

We have batches from 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening. All these batches start on the same date so changing your class time in the mid of the course is quiet easy. All you need to do is talk to your trainer and they will get it done.

What modes of payment do you accept?

You can pay your fee using cash, debit card, credit card, PayTM, UPI or cheque.

What happens if I don’t improve my skills?

Duration for each Spoken English level at English Caffe is 80 hours. As the training is delivered in small batches (maximum 15 trainees in a batch), you get a lot of individual attention and feedback from your trainer and it accelerates your improvement. You make visible progress day after day and improve your spoken English & communication skills significantly within 80 hours, however, in case the improvement goals are not met within this time, English Caffe has its need-based Free course extension policy. Which means we extend your course further for upto 80 hours without charging you anything extra. To be eligible for Free course extension you need to maintain minimum 80% attendance.

Can I pay my fee in installments?

Yes, you can pay your fee in 2 instalments. Let us remind you that the fee it at English Caffe is quiet affordable as our missions is to make quality learning affordable for everyone.

​​Why are there multiple levels?/ What’s the difference between multiple levels?

Being a training institute focused at Englsh language learning, people across different proficiency levels in English come to us to improve further hence there are multiple levels.
Level 1 is Pre-basic English. This level is for complete beginner.
Level 2 is Basic English. This level is for people with limited exposure to English and those who find it difficult to speak in English.
Level 3 is Intermediate English. This level is for those who can read, write and understand quiet well and can communicate also but lack fluency in English speaking.
Level 4 is Advanced English. Advanced English course is for those who are almost fluent in English however want to develop impressive English speaking and communication skills.
Learn more about different levels: Spoken English Courses

How can I develop fluency at English Caffe?

At English Caffe we have a communication-based learning approach. That means you speak a lot in your class everyday. You get to speak in activities such as one-to-one conversation, speech, extempore, story telling, chain speaking, group discussion, peer discussion, debate, experience sharing, presentation, role-plays to name a few. With the help of your trainer you communicate in various situations that enables you to develop your thoughts in English which eventually makes you fluent in English.

What are the available batch timings?

The available batch timings for weekday programs are:
7 AM- 9 AM
9 AM- 11 AM
11 AM- 1 PM
3 PM- 5 PM
5 PM- 7 PM
7 PM- 9 PM
The batch timings for weekend programs are:
10 AM- 2 PM
3 PM- 7 PM

Are there any extra charges for Weekend workshops?

There are no extra charges for weekend workshops. Weekend workshops are Free for all our students to enhance their skills and keep learning.

How many trainees are there in a batch?

As we believe that the only way to become fluent in English is to use it, we make sure that each trainee gets ample time to practice and speak in the class so the average batch size is 10-12 trainees.

What all do I get to learn at English Caffe?

You learn all essential aspects of communicating in English including speaking, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structures, pronunciation, writing skills, listening skills, reading and body language.

What is your course extension policy?

We believe in bringing out real improvement in our trainees and don’t let a trainee go until they have achieved their goal, hence, we have our Free need-based course extension policy. Our course extension policy allows you to continue learning more even after your course has completed.

When can I come for a meeting?

You can meet us for a Free level test & counselling session 7 days a week. Monday to Friday you can meet us between 7 AM to 9 PM and Saturdays and Sundays you can meet us between 10 AM to 7 PM.

Do I need to pay for the level test?

There are no charges for the written test, level determination or the counselling session. It’s absolutely free.

What’s the admission process at English Caffe?

When you first meet us at English Caffe, you go through a written test, after that one of or trainers interacts with you and assesses your speaking skills. Based on your performance in the written test and the speaking test, the trainer determines your ideal level. Further we share relevant course details with you.

Why should I take the level test?

At English Caffe, we get candidates across all proficiency levels in English, ranging from beginners to fluent. Depending on their exposure to English and current proficiency, they have different requirements in terms of improvement. Considering the current proficiency of a candidate, the level is determined and the course is offered. This enables you to get the best possible learning environment and desired improvement in your English speaking skills.

How can I continue practicing English after my course at English Caffe is over?

After your Spoken English course at English Caffe gets over, you become a member of Club English Caffe our Weekend English Club.