Learners at English Caffe Say We Offer the Best English Speaking Course in Greater Noida

But don’t just take our word for it. Let the stories of former English Caffe students whisper to you, tales of transformation and triumph that paint a vivid picture of the impact this unique learning space has.

Student Reviews

"English Cafe provides an enriching language learning experience with its comprehensive curriculum and skilled instructors. The interactive classes foster a dynamic environment, encouraging students to actively engage in conversations and enhance their proficiency. The personalized feedback and constructive guidance contribute to individualized learning paths, catering to varying language levels. The institute's innovative approach incorporates multimedia resources, making lessons both engaging and effective. English Cafe is a commendable choice for those seeking a supportive and immersive English speaking course in Greater Noida."
Pratik Maddheshiya
Software Developer
Course: Advanced English
"Earlier, I used to feel a lot of nervousness and hesitation, but since I joined the English caffe Speaking Coaching Center, I am pleased to share that my experience has been transformative. The coaching has significantly boosted my confidence, helping me gain control over my nervousness and hesitation. Additionally, I have observed noteworthy improvements in my English speaking skills. I highly recommend this coaching center which is situated in Alpha 1, Greater Noida for anyone seeking effective and positive language development, and all credit goes to my trainers for making it all possible."
Aniket Singh
Mechanical Engineer
Course: Advanced English
"I am a student and joined English Caffe to improve my speaking. I am enjoying my classes and improving my skills ever day. I appreciate the trainers for working hard and coming up with exciting speaking activities day after day. I also attend the weekend workshops and extra classes and love interactive wot other students I can say that I made the right decision and English Caffe is a great place to improve spoken English fluency in Greater Noida."
Khushi Paul
Journalism Student
Course: Intermediate English
"I'm Pankaj and i joined English Caffe 2 months ago in Greater Noida. Before it i made mistakes in making sentence structure and didn't use right tense. Faculties were really telented and have superb teaching skills. Shruty mam taught me. She is very kind and sweet. Her teaching method was great. I never felt bored and demotivated. Thankyou you mam for your hard work. And at last Rakesh sir and Mamta mam is really great, thankyou both for your help."
Pankaj Tatla
CAD Trainer
Course: Intermediate English
"I joined this institute 2 months back in Greater Noida center. I am a confident speaker now. I am able to talk to anyone anywhere 🙂. I gave a presentation in my office 3 days ago and everybody got impressed. In this institute there are small batches, so I get sufficient time to speak everyday. I get proper feedback for all my mistakes. Muskan ma'am and Shruti ma'am both are very active trainer. The best part of this institute is we get 7 days training. Interview skills training and personality development course is free for us. I am giving 5 stars ⭐ rating."
Sandeep Kumar
Marketing Professional
Level: Basic English
"My experience was pretty nice. I used to feel very shy and hesitant before joining English Caffe. But now, I can speak in front of people with confidence. Teachers are really nice and helpful. I also like their teaching methods. Thank you English Caffe for helping me to improve my English. I recommend English Caffe to anyone looking for the best English Speaking Course in Greater Noida."
Neha Parveen
B. Ed. Job Seeker
Course: Basic English
"Good Teaching And Supporting Staff. Vocab classes and grammar classes are very very very good highly recommended you will get to learn many new things many new words to express your daily routine stuff she (chetna ma'am) is very polite and a good hearted personality. Thanks English Caffe. I can clearly observe in myself that i am improved."
Ashish Arora
Sales Professional
Level: Basic English
I joined English Caffe's Online classes few days back and getting a lot of improvements. I live in Haryana. Trainers are very good. This is the first institute in India, which conducts 3 separate classes for Practice, Grammar and Vocabulary. We get 3 classes by 3 different trainers for all these sessions. I join all these classes everyday. I get sufficient time to speak daily in my practice classes and my trainer corrects me when I speak anything wrong. English Caffe team is very professional. I want to qualify an interview next month. After joining this institute, I feel, I would be able to get my desired job.
Ravi Rathour
Hey! I am soniya yadav and my trainer name is Mr. Sonu sir . I enrolled my self in English Caffe. I had a great experience here.i visited lots of Spoken English classes in Greater Noida before I joined here. I am a introvert so I had confidence issue and weak vocabulary. when I told this to mr. Sonu sir started work on me. Now I can be easily a part of any group conversation and my vocabulary getting good😀 and i can speak English in front of any one .
Soniya Yadav
B. Com. Final Year Student
Course: Basic English
Hello! Everyone I want to share something about English Caffe I feel fortunate because I'm a student of EC. After all, there all teachers are excellent such as Mamta ma'am, pooja ma'am, and Jay Sir I talk in English I feel confident I understand if other people talk in English just because of this excellent teacher they calm explain much time and encourage. So I want to say thanks for everything. Thank you ❤ Thank you so much 😊
If you want to speak English fluently, join English Caffe without any hesitation. Apart from English Speaking Classes you will get to learn many other things such as personality development, body language, listening skills and much more"
Abhishek Yadav
I have been learning English in English caffe since last complete one year. Its been great journey here when I had joined this institute I couldn't even stand and say a single sentance before any one however now I can speak instaly at any topics the knowledge and confidence which I got here that's really encourag e me to step towards next step. We are not just learning English here we are learning something which completely changes our life in sort span of time our personality changes and mindset changes towards people. We become here strong personality person and that bold personality can be seen in your home ,at your work place everywhere. I just want to tell everyone who struggling in english please learn this and join english cafee and your life will change completely in very sort time. join once english cafee to learn and boost your knowledge. Wish you all the luck
Khushboo Saw
I don't know why 1st time I feel attachment with online class everyone in English Caffe they want learn. More than study metrial it's really good dear all mentor it happened only because of you and english caffe team everyone not just study here. They feel like good dead with help of team thanks alot to every mentor and students of English Caffe My Communication and personality devlopment Mentor Jay Sir ,Thanks Alot Sir, You give me lots of information how to speak, How we win the situation , with Communication skill , Either in professional and personal it helps me a lot, Earlier i thought we should speak only to explain ourselves, Now understand how less/extra speak help according to situation , where its req, how people want to listen us in lieu of my extra explanation. most of the time i was stuck on my own word. Slowly i am invaling my skills. Grammar and Vocabulary Mentor- Mamta Mem - I feel that no one beat to explain English grammar to Mamta mem, she clear all my doubt since my childhood so far thats why earlier i dont like to learn English, Now i curious to learn and practice every day. Thanks for English Caffe Team. They listen my suggestion and upgrade and never dis-pointed me.
Kirti Kalra
English caffe is good platform for those who want to learn English speaking. Also teachers are very good. And this is affordable course. Pooja maam is my trainer. She always makes us comfortable while teaching. Her way of teaching is excellent. Mamta mam and jay sir is also good teacher. Thanku English caffe for giving me this course.
Sadhna Kumari
I have studied three important and golden months of my life under English caffe and Jai's guidance. I must say that the way he teaches and emphasize on communication skills rather than just brushing up the methodologies of grammar makes him different and special than others. Also, I'm pretty sure if I didn't join English caffe I am still the same who was under confident boy in front of society. Jai is very friendly in nature. So you can connect them very easily. From the past three months that one hour is very fruitful for me. This clases not limited to English and you will get good info regarding various topics, and et confidence to speak in front of others. Just one thing is important "never give up".
Sourav Singh
English Caffe is one of the best English Training Institute, where highly qualified professionals and cordial environment are there. I would like to thank them especially Jai Sir, Maya Ma'am and Ikbal Sir who not only trained me but also explored my entire problems while speaking English and helped me getting them eradicated all those barriers completely. I experienced highly delightful and grateful journey of mine while learning there. I recommend this institute.
Kumar Avinash

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